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Koryo Clean Room (2009)

This is a new 900 Sq.Meter concrete building housing a class-100 clean room for the assembly of high-precision parts such as camera lens and computer parts. Designed and constructed by CZ Engineering Inc in only 6 months, the structure uses wide-flange steel frames, masonry walls and double-reinforced 60cm thick flooring. The roof is supported by 21-meter steel trusses with long-span pre-painted roofing sheets.

Ground-breaking ceremonies

Excavating the foundation footings

Very tough blue shale bedrock

Footings and stub columns ready

Compaction by layers

The building is starting to take shape by the 3rd month

Trusses are in place, ready for roofing

Final layer of crushed rock

Engr Ernie Cristobal and Engr Bong Lim of CZ Engineering Inc

Structure completed
Double layer of rebars for the floor slab

Nice shot showing the Insulation layer under the roofing sheets

Factory Manager Mr Suzuki helping to move the new equipment into the building

Mr Nakamoto inspecting the newly-arrived  clean-room equipment from Japan

CZ technicians installing the Chiller System

Installing the ceiling

High-gloss epoxy paint for the flooring

750 KVA power supply ready for tapping

Installing the 2nd layer of insulation above the ceiling

Completed building