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Malampaya CGS

CZ Engineering was a part of this project from the initial site clearing, to the design and construction of yard facilities and  utilities, to the batch plants, power plants, sewerage treatment plant, the construction of the main CGS pit itself and all the way until the tow-out of the completed CGS structure.
Part of the core group of CZ Engineers: (L-R) Jun Avila, Bong Lim, Jess Mariano, Louie Lopez, Ernie Cristobal

The site at CAWAG before we moved in. It is now part of Hanjin's shipyard

Project start-up. CZ's Engr Vic Rivera is 2nd from right

Digging the trenches for the power, water and sewer lines: Engr Cristobal is on the left

CZ designed and installed the streetlighting and power distribution for the whole site

Engr Jun Avila supervising the construction of one of the barracks

One of 40 Dewatering pumps needed to keep the pit clear of water

Some of our crew at work under the blazing sun

This is the pit where the CGS platform was built. It is 50 feet below mean sea level

Lunchbreak at the CZ messhall. Engr Lopez and Engr Mariano are on the left

View from the second level of the pit. To see the completed CGS structure that was built, click here

CZ Engineers Bong Lim and Jun Avila